Email marketing campaigns

A substantial part of your website traffic can be generated through intelligently building and leveraging a newsletter database of interested leads and past customers.

An effective email marketing campaign should engage with the subscriber at an appropriate time, on a personal level as much as possible and it should compel the reader to perform an action that will pull the subscriber further along the sales funnel. This does not necessarily mean presenting them with an offer.

We implement a number of strategies designed to get the very most out of your readership such as:

  • the pruning and segmenting lists of subscribers to perform more targeted, effective email marketing;
  • autoresponder creation to deliver quality content on drip, which is designed to pull leads further along the sales funnel; and
  • the implementation of any campaigns we agree on running throughout the contract.

Email newsletter signup forms are strategically placed on your website to incentivize visitors to become subscribers. Subscribers will be added automatically to the CRM after a purchase has been made.

Conversely, sales recorded on an e-commerce platform will become email subscribers that can be contacted with news and offers.

Email marketing builds great revenue generation opportunities. We can assist you with campaign conceptualization, design, implementation and even running campaigns for you.


  • Email marketing configuration
  • Email campaigns administration
  • Design and development for all campaigns

Estimated Time to Completion

  • 6 months

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