Online Competition research

Regardless of whether you’re a startup business or you’ve been established for years, the Online Competition Research package allows you to gain massive visibility on your industry, revealing important insight into what are the most effective marketing and sales activities for your fastest, most significant growth.

All of this is designed to create the opportunity to enjoy a much better ROI by knowing exactly what online marketing channels, platforms and strategies to invest in.

Our Online Competition Research evaluates your (up to) top 50 competitors and measures them against an impressive set of indicators that we’ve briefly summarized in this section’s deliverables.

By doing this we are able to create a benchmark for your marketplace and rank your business using that benchmark. 

When you keep this research up to date, you will always know where your business sits in the marketplace, relatively to your competitors, and you’ll always be able to glean insight from knowing a great deal about what they’re doing online.

This package is essential for driving the fastest, biggest online wins for your business.


  1. Global rank
  2. Visitors engagement with the website
  3. Traffic channels contribution in total traffic
  4. Individual social media networks’ contribution to total social media traffic
  5. Top 5 countries from where your competitors receive traffic
  6. The size of your competitors’ social media communities
  7. Fans engagement within social media
  8. communities
  9. Technical SEO data such as: domain authority, page authority, number of inbound and outbound links
  10. Usage of affiliate networks
  11. PPC analysis
  12. Blog and usage of the blog
  13. Industry specific features
  14. Industry benchmark
  15. Industry leaders benchmark
  16. Yours, and your competitors’ online market share
  17. Our conclusions and what we believe should be your next actions

Estimated Time of Completion

  • 1 month

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