Brand Identity Design And Re-branding

Brand Identity Design

The Brand Identity Design package takes insight from the Vandt International Competition Research and Buyer Persona services. In order for the Brand Identity Design package to succeed in its mission of building the perfect brand for your business, these complementary services must be included in the overall project.

Our talented designers will:

  • analyze your business;
  • analyze your products;
  • analyze your target audience; and
  • interview you and key stakeholders.

Having been through this process and collected the data, they will proceed in creating a beautiful and appealing, effective brand identity design that will communicate your values and vision to your preferred demographic.

Online Brand Identity Guidelines

Without a clear understanding of your brand you cannot communicate effectively to your target audience. There must be rules and conditions made that govern the creation of materials across different online media, platforms and channels so that you can start to build a consistent brand experience with the end goal of being recognizable and known.

In the PDF document we supply, we outline:

  • the corporate literature such as the mission and vision statements;
  • how to use the logo across various media;
  • how to use the typefaces;
  • the color palette and its conditions of use; and
  • your assets and how they should be used, such as any patterns, photography, iconography and so on.

After creating the brand identity, we then create any other marketing materials on the project (such as any website redesign) before we attempt to create the guidelines as the act of doing so helps us articulate the guidelines PDF based on a real experience in application.


  • Font face selection (and the original font files if relevant)
  • Optimized color palette
  • Logo
  • Brand Identity Guidelines PDF
  • Graphics for the profile and cover/background images for up to 5 social media platforms

Estimated time to completion

  • 2 months

To learn more about our online business development plans, read our overview page or click to inquire.