Vandt International


  1. What does Vandt International do?

    We are a full-service online business development agency that provides a wide spectrum of online marketing services. We focus on generating significant results for our clients, as a condition of our working relationship.

  2. Who is Vandt International and where is the company based?

    Vandt International is a growing team of marketing and sales consultants, designers and developers. The company is registered in Hong Kong, with offices in the UK, Romania and the the Republic of the Philippines.

  3. How is Vandt International different from other agencies?

    We only work with select clients that meet our strict criteria. We bypass a lot of the red tape usually associated with large agencies by removing the requirement for large contracts and their associated fees. We make it easier for clients to have a taste of our world-class services.

  4. Why does Vandt International not work with everyone?

    We’re very picky about the projects we take on. The reasons for this are:
    We’re dedicated to delivering significant results, so we ensure that every project we take allows us to do this.
    We have a strict policy to only work with industries and markets that meet our ethical standards.
    We set very high standards for our work. We employ a much less “mass production” business approach. We always want to overdeliver and never the opposite. This choosing to work with only the best matches in terms of client and project at any given time.

  5. What are typical Vandt International fees?

    For retainer arrangements our current fee is 56 GBP per hour, with a minimum of 40 hours per purchase. For our contract-based work, our fees depend on each unique client situation. We charge a recurring monthly fee until the end of the contract, but also a performance-based fee that is agreed upon with you, based on the project’s revenue goals that we set together. Contact us today to find out more about what kind of fees you could expect when working with us.

  6. Which companies work with Vandt International?

    We work with clients in any industry other than adult, and firearms. A typical client is a small–medium enterprise with more than 10 employees turning over an excess of 1,000,000 GBP of revenue for the previous year.

  7. How do I know if Vandt International can help my company?

    Please fill out this fact finding form which will give us some basic details about you and your company. If we consider you to be a good match for our services, we will schedule a follow up call with you to go into deeper detail about your organization and how we can help you reach your business goals. If we feel we’re not a good match, we will let you know immediately along with our reasons why.

  8. How can I start working with Vandt International?

    Contact us today and one of our friendly representatives will respond to you within 24 hours.

Customer fulfilment

  1. What arrangements are available for working with Vandt International?

    Any company has three options to start a collaboration with us:

    Retainer based
    Contract based
    Contract based with a performance-based fee paid at the end of the contract

  2. What is a retainer?

    A retainer is our most affordable package of 40 hours of paid work. Usually we offer a retainer as an entry-level package for new clients. Retainers work well for short-term activities but not as well for longer-term activities where a lot of planning and managing is required.

  3. How long does a contract usually last?

    When we take on a contract-based project its lifespan is usually at least six months long. These projects can become quite complex, requiring a longer-term vision and subsequent plan that are designed to bring significant revenue successes.

  4. What are performance-based fees?

    Performance-based fees are fees that are paid upon successfully reaching key milestones as a result of our actions during the contract. These milestones are agreed upon in advance of any work done, before any contract is signed.

  5. How are the performance-based fees calculated?

    The performance based fee are calculated in tiers.

    Performance-based tiers are pre-agreed with you before the contract is signed, and depend upon us achieving certain goals by the end of the project.

    The KPIs for these goals can vary. For example, we can measure our success against total sales, total leads, total increase in conversion and so on.

    We usually set four tiers for performance based fee contracts.

    The first tier is 30% of the real contract value. If the contract we sign is 150,000 GBP we receive 45,000 GBP at the end of the contract only if values for Tier 1 are reached.

    Tiers two, three and four require more ambitious milestones for the agreed KPIs, which results in equally larger performance-based fees for Vandt International.

    To clarify, below we have exemplified a 150,000 GBP contract with online sales KPIs.

    Tier one — 1,000,000 GBP of online sales
    Performance-based fees: 45,000 GBP (4.5% of total sales)

    Tier two — 1,500,000 GBP of online sales
    Performance-based fees: 82,500 GBP (5.5% of total sales)

    Tier three — 1,750,000 GBP of online sales
    Performance-based fees: 113,750 GBP (6.5% of total sales)

    Tier four — 2,000,000 GBP of online sales
    Performance-based fees: 150,000 GBP (7.5% of total sales)

    As you can see in the example above, the performance-based fee is the best approach to ensure our investment in the success of the project, and to push the limits of what is possible in terms of results for your organization.

  6. When are the performance-based fees paid?

    The performance-based fees are always paid at the end of the contract in two installments, once in the month before the contract end date and the last in the month after. They are only paid if the agreed KPIs for the agreed tiers are reached.

  7. How does Vandt International manage a project?

    Every project we take on board is taken care by a multidisciplinary team, overseen by a project executive. In a similar way, we ask our clients to assign a project manager and/or team from their side, too. This establishes a strong, productive framework from which to move through the project together.

    All strategic communications take place at the project management level between project executives, whilst operations take place between the Vandt International team and the client’s team.

    Before the start of all projects, we come to an agreement with the client on the various project KPIs we will use to measure our success and the reporting calendar.

    To manage each project we recommend using a strict workflow that implements modern project management softwares to which our clients will also receive access.

    You can find more details about how Vandt International works, here.

  8. How long does it take before I can expect results?

    Depending on the project scope and size, the estimated time for results to be visible can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Usually for a small project results can be seen in less than a week while for larger project of six months–one year or more, results can be seen after the first month.

    For large projects Vandt International offers a money back guarantee. Please read here for more details.

  9. Are there any additional fees besides what I have paid / am paying?

    Definitely not. All our contracts are transparent and the value stipulated on the contract is the amount you will pay throughout our collaboration.

  10. Is Vandt International going to advise and guide us during the project?

    Definitely yes. Educating and advising our clients is one of our core values.

  11. Does Vandt International offer any guarantees to its clients?

    Yes. For contracts of over 25,000 GBP for at least six months, we offer a money back guarantee.

Vandt International competencies

  1. What’s Vandt International experience in online marketing?

    Between our team members we have decades worth of collective online marketing experience, spanning this comprehensive list of competencies.

  2. Is Vandt International knowledge and experience certified by respectable entities?

    Yes. We are certified Google Partners and Adobe Business Catalyst Partners.

  3. Can Vandt International provide us with client recommendations?

    Yes. Contact us to request information.

  4. Can Vandt International provide us with case studies from previous projects?

    Yes. Please visit our case study page for more information.

Online marketing

  1. What is online marketing?

    Online marketing is also commonly referred to as internet marketing or digital marketing. It is comprised of marketing and advertising actions that require the use of the Web and email to facilitate direct sales through e-commerce platforms and sales leads through email marketing and website funnels.

  2. I already have a successful business. Why do I need online marketing?

    Your business may be successful without online marketing today, but it may encounter harsh challenges tomorrow that cause unnecessary headaches and suffering. Exposure to the internet grows exponentially on a daily basis, and with ambitious plans such as Elon Musk’s worldwide internet, we recommend that you achieve a minimum online presence to help avoid ongoing changes in consumer trends and the marketplace that can hinder or catastrophically incapacitate your business.

  3. I need help understanding all these strategies and tems and how exactly they can be applied to work for my company. Can Vandt International help me with that?

    It would be our pleasure. Please fill out this simple fact-finding form and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours of its receipt to discuss your options.

  4. Can you help my company with my offline marketing and offline sales?

    Our core competencies are in online marketing and online sales. During a project we prefer to stick to these two fields.