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Vandt International

Why work at Vandt International

We create and carry out effective web marketing plans that bring our clients more opportunities, more sales and more profit—guaranteed.

We grow by growing the businesses of our clients; our payment plans are performance-based, which is why our clients trust us more than the standard marketing agency.

As a result, we strive to understand and master every aspect of what we do so that we can squeeze even more quality and success out of our work. We believe it’s our constant desire to learn and teach that brings out the most in our team and keeps our culture so positively charged.

Work from anywhere

Our clients are all over the world and so are we—our places of work know no boundaries and neither will yours—work from the comfort of your own home, our office, a cafe or even a forest (so long as you have an internet connection).

We are growing fast

Be part of an ambitious, growing company as the proof of our results gets noticed around the world. Join a movement to disrupt the way that normal business is done, where you can have an impact and you aren’t just “another employee”.

International experience

As well as the opportunity to work on-location with our clients around the world whenever they call, we also help make the world smaller by bringing the team together at retreats. Our latest meetings: the bustling city of Manila, the fresh, modern city of Edinburgh, and the home of the Hogwarts; Oxford.

Learning opportunity

We always make it a goal to impart our knowledge to our clients, and in order to do that our team must continually learn and grow within their field of expertise. Vandt International will supply you generously with books and enrolment into relevant courses—anything that will strategically help us grow along with you.

Available positions

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Front End Developer

Full-time. Flexible hours. Work from home.

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Back-End Developer

Full-time. Flexible hours. Work from home.

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App Developer

Full-time. Flexible hours. Work from home.

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Creative Designer

Full-time. Flexible hours. Work from home.

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